A Brief History of Steel Sheet Cutting Machine

Due to the demand for Manufacturing, a growing number of steel sheet cutting machines have been put into production. Now let' s take a brief view over the history of its development.

Steel sheet cutting machine is a professional equipment for sheet material cutting, it can achieve a highly efficient and elaborate cutting effect automatically with three basic elements initiative, high-rate, and elaboration. The universal type of steel sheet cutting machine is widely used in the fields of electric machinery, electrical appliance, aeronautics, automobile, farm machinery, instruments & meters, medical apparatus and instruments, home appliance, hardware etc..

The forging machine is the equipment used for forming and separation during the forging process. In the year of 1842, British engineer Smith created the first steam hammer, which is deemed to be the start of a steam-power machine forging age. In 1795, the British man Bramah created hydro press, but not until the middle of 19th Century did it apply to cast and the creation of motor due to the demand of large forgings. At the end of 19th Century, the automatic steel sheet cutting machine and the pneumatic hammer which were powered by electricity began to emerge and grew rapidly. The forging machine altered the tendency from heavy and large type in the first of 19th cent. to the direction of development on high-rate, efficient, initiative, elaborate, specialized, multiple turns out etc..

The steel sheet cutting machine has developed itself a lot since the 1960s, the number of strokes per minute has increased to be around 3 thousand times from a few hundred. The capacity has developed from 10 tons to a hundred. Nowadays the steel sheet cutting machine has been mainly applied in the field of electronics, instruments & meters, light industry, automobile etc. to lead an exceptionally large punching production. In these years, along with the technical development of modeling and punching, the steel sheet cutting machine is keeping expanding its applying field thus increasing its quantity. As we could tell it will not be long that the steel sheet cutting machine would account for an increasingly big amount in the punching steel sheet cutting machine industry.

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