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Introduction to Spiral Duct Forming Machine

Now the application of spiral duct is very extensive. Many people also see the business opportunities in it and start to enter into the air duct manufacturing and sales industry. Spiral duct forming machine is commonly used on the market. What is the spiral duct forming machine? What are the precautions for use?

Here are the answers.

Spiral air duct is a kind of thin-walled pipe with spiral seam made of metal strip material. It is round, without welding, air leakage and water leakage. It is mostly used for air supply and bulk material transportation instead of the traditional white iron pipe (i.e. manual seam iron pipe). It is a kind of air duct. The whole mechanism straight pipe does not need to be knocked by hand.

Its main uses are as follows:

1. Air supply, including ventilation, such as fresh air supply and exhaust. This range is very wide, for example, the air in the workshop and production site needs to be discharged out of the room due to the generation of harmful gases, and the outdoor air needs to be transported indoors. At this time, it is necessary to use the air transmission pipe with large flow and small pressure, and the spiral air pipe is the most suitable. In general, galvanized iron pipe is used, and stainless steel pipe is used in corrosive and especially humid places.

2. Supply cold air. The most common is the central air conditioning pipe, which needs to be insulated. Spiral air duct can be pasted with thermal insulation material inside, and the appearance is beautiful.

3. Exhaust oil fume. There are a lot of lampblack in the kitchens of hotels, restaurants and hotels, which need to be discharged. The circular air pipe is the lampblack chimney. Here, the spiral duct should be called the lampblack.

4. Dust removal. There are a lot of dust in the production workshop of some factories, and special dust removal device is needed. For the pipes with large air flow, spiral air pipes can be used.

5. Bulk material transportation. In the production process of some factories, it is necessary to transport loose particles, especially for the small proportion such as foamed plastic particles, which use spiral air ducts with low cost and good effect. When using the spiral duct forming machine, the pipe mould of corresponding size must be used for each type of spiral air duct with pipe diameter. The pipe mould used is steel mould, which is stronger, durable and stable than aluminum mould. The high-speed circular saw automatic cutting system is adopted.

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