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Rectangular duct making machine how to work

Rectangular duct manufacturing machine is made up of many small machines, like electric shearing machine, punching machine, automatic corner production line machine, hydraulic lock seaming machine, hydraulic pneumatic notching machine, reel shear beading machine, leveling and beading machine, folding machine, TDF folding machine, and so on, these devices are an important part of the production of ventilation ducts, all the rolling reels are made of beading steel so that the lifetime prolong by more than 5 times, under the material-saving mode of CNC system, waste is less than 20mm per roll, about the folding machine, we have three types, manual type, pneumatic type and hydraulic type, each type has different characteristics. All of this machines we used imported configuration, the cylinder imported from Germany FESTO, and the hydraulic system is Beijing Huade +Taiwan hydraulic system, the encoder is from Japan OMRON, the electrical system we used Schneider brand from Germany. Our machine makes of aluminium alloy suspension arm easy to operate, the build-in control cabinet reduces wiring as a whole structure and makes it easy to move, the imported configuration is very stable and convenient to use. About CNC plasma cutting machine, you need to know the max sheet thickness is 6mm, it can cut any shape, you must learn to program before you use this machine, if you have any other problem please contact us, we are 24-hour online service, we can give you reply in time.