It is Necessary to Use the Lock Former Machine in the Production of Air Duct

The lock former machineis a multi-functional machine, which is mainly used for the bite processing of flat connection and closed connection of circular pipe, which can fit to different shapes in pipe manufacturing. The thickness of the treated board is 0.4-1.5mm. All gears, shafts and rollers of the machine are made of high-quality steel and undergo a strict heat treatment process. They are easy to install, beautiful in appearance, reasonable in mechanical principle, flexible in movement, and convenient in operation and use, which can meet the different requirements of users. In the production of air ducts, lock former machineis essential.

The lock former machineis suitable for the production of ducts for ventilation, air conditioning, purification and other equipment. According to requirements, it can help to produce various square and rectangular thin-plate air ducts. The structure of the lock former machineis composed of three parts: feeding part, transmission part and forming part.

The processing capacity of the lock former machineis designed according to the processing ability of ordinary steel plates. For ordinary thin steel plates, galvanized thin steel plates and plastic composite steel plates all have excellent bite forming functions. The strength of rusty steel plate is higher than that of ordinary steel plate. Before using the stainless steel plate bite, please avoid overloading the equipment that might cause excessive wear for the machine or machine malfunction.

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