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Analysis on the Advantages of the Basic Application of Auto Duct Line

Below is the analysis of the basic application advantages of auto duct line. Focusing on summarizing several operational advantages of the auto duct line, we hope our introduction can help you understand better. Details are as follows:

1. With pure line structure, it can reduce the transmission time of plate materials and improve the efficiency of production.

2. The material rack is driven by an independent variable-frequency and variable-speed motor.

3. 10-roll leveling embossing mechanism to ensure the flatness of various thickness plate.

4. With the material saving mode, there is only one piece of waste per roll which is less than 20mm.

5. It has servo-transfer billet system, which has precision positioning, especially in the processing of "mouth" type pipeline.

6. The input uses touch and keyboard mode to ensure the stability of the system.

7. Only one person is needed to operate the pipe, and two persons take away the pipe.

8. With processing counting function which has daily and accumulated count, it is convenient for statistics and management.

9. It can support printing function to conduct production management.

We will continue to provide you with more knowledge of the auto duct line. Please look forward to it!
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