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How to Maintain a Hydraulic Sheet Shearing Machine

The sheet shearing machine needs good maintenance to make it's lifelong so that users can use it more satisfactorily. The sheet shearing machine is a kind of forging machinery, the main function is a shearing sheet in the metal processing industry. The following is the maintenance of the shearing machine.

1. Operate in strict accordance with the operating rules.

2. Every time before starting the machine, it should be according to the lubrication chart requirements, timing, fixed-point, quantitative add lubricating oil, and oil should be clean without precipitation.

3. The sheet shearing machine must always be kept clean and not painted with some rust preventive grease.

4. The lubricating grease in the motor bearing should be replaced regularly, and the safety of the electrical parts should be checked regularly.

5. Regularly check whether the trimming belt conveyor belt, handle, knob, buttons are damaged or not, serious wear should be replaced in time, and report spare parts to supply.

6. Every day before going to work, lubrication and scrubbing machine tools clean machine tools.

7. The blade should be fixed regularly and oil.

8. The plate cannot be cut beyond extra pressure.

9. It is strictly forbidden for the non designated personnel to operate the equipment.

Maintenance of the CNC sheet shearing machine
1. Do not extend your hands between the upper and lower blades in order to avoid accidents.

2. The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of this machine tool. The CNC cutting machine is operated by many people at the same time. Therefore, someone must be responsible for directing the production.

3. All the tools must not be placed on the work table so that the knife edge will not be damaged.

4. Should regularly check the sharp edge of the knife, if found knife blunt, it should be timely grinding or replaced, blade grinding, and only need to grind the thickness of the blade.

5. Check all parts of the machine regularly and keep the machine tools and the surrounding areas clean and the line insulation good.

6. The net type oil filter placed on the oil suction port of the oil pump should always be checked and cleaned to keep the oil flow in the filter. If the filter is blocked and the amount of oil is reduced, the oil pump will be sucked out and the service life of the oil pump will be affected, so the machine cannot work normally.

7. The accumulator should be filled with nitrogen but not be filled with oxygen, compressed air or other inflammable gases. When filling with nitrogen, the dedicated gas-filled pipe should be applied slowly, and the pressure should not exceed 8MPa.

8. The CNC sheet shearing machine adopts decentralized lubrication. Lubrication should be lubricated at all lubrication points in daily work.

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