HVAC Duct Fabrication Equipment That BLKMA Can Provide

There are many types of work in HVAC duct fabrication, requiring different tools and equipment. BLKMA is a professional manufacturer of air duct production equipment,who has appropriate equipment that can improve the production efficiency of air duct and reduce labor cost.

The following are the HVAC duct fabrication equipment produced by BLKMA:

1. Rectangular duct making machine

As an indispensable equipment in air duct processing, rectangular duct making machine includes many machines that can complete all processes. All machines can be used freely with other machines as required, which is a very economical option for making HVAC ducts. At the same time, BLKMA can offer complete solutions for rectangular duct making machines, as well as customized machines based on clients' needs.

BLKMA has always been a professional manufacturer of rectangular duct machinery. We can provide clients with very professional purchasing advice to help clients make more reasonable match and choose the corresponding machines to save costs and improve work efficiency. At the same time, the rectangular air duct machine can provide the corresponding motor power and voltage based on the clients' local power supply environment to ensure that clients all over the world can safely use BLKMA's rectangular air duct machine.

2. Auto duct production Line 4

The basic configuration includes two electrical material racks (4 material trays, 5-7T each roll), a rack, a host (line2 host), one mechanical arm clutching, locating and transferring platform, one displacement type locking machine, one duplex TDF flange forming machine, one duplex angle steel flange forming machine, and one set of computer controlling system.

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