Installation Essentials of Spiral Duct Machine

The spiral duct machine sends fresh air and exhaust in the ventilation system, exhausts harmful gases outdoors, and sends fresh air from outdoor to indoor. Generally speaking, the flow rate of the ventilation system is very large, so it is required to use the air conveying pipe with less resistance to save the cost and operating cost. If the base of the spiral duct machine of the ventilator is directly placed on the foundation without using a shock-absorbing device, a pair of inclined horns will be used for leveling. Spiral duct machines are quite suitable. Generally, galvanized iron pipes are used, and stainless-steel pipes are used in corrosive and particularly humid places.

The installation points of the spiral duct machine:

1. The installation and removal of the duster should be in the correct position, keep it firm and stable. The inlet and outlet directions must meet the design requirements, the allowable deviation of verticality should not be greater than 2mm per meter, and the total deviation should not be greater than 10mm.

2. The inlet and outlet of the spiral duct machine and the dust collector should be straight, the discharge pipe of the cylinder and the cone should be coaxial, and the eccentricity should not be greater than 2mm.

3. The allowable deviation of the outer diameter of the spiral duct machine and the outer diameter of the dust collector cylinder or the rectangular outer dimension should not be greater than 5%, and the inner and outer surfaces should be smooth and uniform in curvature.

The spiral duct machine is very prone to excessive pressure during the operation process, which is caused by its working principle. Once the pressure of the spiral duct machine is too high, a series of failures will occur. We professionally refer to these failures as the pressure overload phenomenon of the spiral duct machine. In the production process of some factories, loose particles need to be transported, especially those with a small proportion, such as foamed plastic particles, those make spiral ducts with low cost and good effect. The overload maintenance system has undergone many generations of replacement. The old overload maintenance devices in the machinery, such as the collapsed block type, cannot accurately send information and effectively maintain the machine tool, and the replacement is very laborious, so they are gradually being screened. It is replaced by an overload maintenance system that is quick to unload and recover quickly.

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