Analysis of Factors Affecting Air Speed of Spiral Duct Machine and Equipment Operation

What factors affect the wind speed of spiral duct machine ducts?

When the spiral duct machine equipment is making ducts, it is essential to pay attention to the section size of the duct because it greatly affects the actual wind speed, along with resistance, and local resistance of the duct segments. The total resistance of the duct system is calculated from the unfavorable loop.

For parallel duct segments, it is necessary to maintain a balance of resistance inside the pipes. In case of any imbalance, the size of the duct needs to be changed, and the wind speed should be calculated again.

To solve the problem of difficult balance in some branch systems, a regulating valve can be installed on the branch to control the resistance.

The duct connections must be tight. Flange gaskets should be made of elastic materials that do not produce dust and do not easily age. The surface of the gasket should never be brushed with paint. Flange sealing gaskets should minimize joints, using steps or grooves. The ducts and parts that have been cleaned and sealed should not be dismantled before installation. If there is a pause during installation, the ports should be resealed.

Operating procedures of the spiral duct machine

The spiral duct machine is mainly used for producing spiral ducts, and it has corresponding operating procedures that include:

  • The spiral duct machine operator must hold a certificate and have the appropriate qualifications. Otherwise, they may not take up the position.

  • Necessary checks should be made on the ductwork machinery and equipment before use, especially in crucial areas such as safety switches and emergency shutdown switches, to check if there are any problems.  If there are any issues, they should be addressed immediately.

  • There should not be any flammable and explosive materials around the spiral duct machine equipment to avoid potential risks.

  • The maintenance of the spiral duct machine equipment should be conducted only in its power-off state.

  • While the spiral duct machine is in operation, there should be personnel on-site to supervise, and the operator should follow the relevant rules and regulations.

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