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Performance Of Flange Forming Machine

Flange forming machine, also known as the flange machine, roll round machine, and so on, is an efficient processing equipment mainly used for rolling and bending Angle steel, channel steel, I-steel, flat steel, square steel, round steel and other steel. It can finish edge rolling and curve when loaded material for one time. It’s widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, water and electricity, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing industry, etc.

Performance of flange forming machine: The forming and cutting of straight Angle steel. Flange forming and cutting. Oil cylinder system adopts stepless adjustment of working pressure, zero load design of oil pressure circuit, and harmonic series. Pump motor effectively reduces noise, and thus increase motor efficiency and service life. The machine adopts electric control system, combined with the man-machine interface, diameter shaped positioning wheel, and position adjustable ruler. The magnetic ruler with high accuracy enables the people operates accurately and simply. Processing without direct material loss at the front and back end. Featuring high efficiency and low cost.
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