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Notes on the Use of Duct Sewing Machines

There are several things that we should pay attention to in the process of using the duct stitching machine. The manufacturers of the duct stitching machine introduce to you that the duct stitching machine is mainly used to press and close the duct that is rolled or bent, so as to facilitate the welding of steel pipes. It can also be used for joint welding of cylinders, cones, and prisms, and is widely used in oil, electricity, shipbuilding, and chemical industries.

Notes for Operation of the Sewing Machine:

1. Before installing the machine, pay attention to check the ground protection and must have leakage protection (special box).

2. Read the instructions before the operation and do not wear fiber fabric gloves.

3. The chain can't be adjusted too tight, allowing the chain to wrap around 30-25mm.

4. The roller screw can be adjusted by adjusting the embossing depth and the joint pressure.

5. When pressing the steel bar, the grinding tool has a groove on one side, and the groove is adjusted on a straight line, using a tendons wheel; When the seam is closed, the grinder is turned 180 degrees and the wheel is flattened.

6. When opening the machine, the hand does not leave the switch. When the tendons wheel is forward, the machine should stop as soon as the press is finished. The safety protection stroke switch is installed at both ends of the machine, and the protection of the stroke switch can not be touched when the operation is done.

7. The same switch box can only directly control 1 electrical device (including sockets). Each switch box must be equipped with a knife switch and a leakage protection device.

The above is about the introduction of the motes on the use of duct sewing machines from its manufacturer. I hope that it will help you after reading it. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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