Portable Riveting Machine-Simple Operation

BLKMA is a high-tech enterprise integrating production, research and development. The company has the portable riveting machine, ring groove rivet, ring groove rivet machine, hydraulic ring groove rivet machine, hydraulic ring groove rivet, non-standard hydraulic cylinder design and manufacture, non-standard hydraulic system design and manufacture, dust removal equipment and many other projects. From design, production, sales, to after-sales, we provide complete and satisfying service to every customer. We regard customers as God, and the interests of customers are our eternal pursuit! Respect customer's requirements, adopt customer's suggestions, accept customer's novel ideas, our pursuit is to constantly learn, innovate, and provide customers with efficient production solutions and quality services. The company pursues the perfect integration of business and humanity, attaches importance to brand building of corporate culture, and strives to realize the value of life for employees. We respect every business competitor, we grow together with every partner, breathe together, and share a common destiny. We pursue excellence, never stop! The company has professional, efficient, comprehensive and timely pre-sale and after-sale services, to ensure that you have a clear pre-purchase, low budget, convenient delivery, worry-free after-purchase.

At present, riveting machines on the market are relatively rich in types. Each category has its own characteristics and advantages. According to the principle of the riveting machine, it can be divided into two types: ordinary rotary rolling riveting machine and high-grade radial riveting machine, among which hydraulic ring groove riveting machine is more advanced and widely used. There are also many matters needing attention in its selection. In the process of purchasing, you should first understand your own needs and suit your factory's work.

Our company's portable riveting machine can rivet two kinds of cold rivets, 20mm, and 16mm at the same time. It really realizes the performance of one machine and two-purpose machine: small size, light weight, low labor consumption of workers; fast riveting speed, high efficiency!
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