Maintenance Tips of Duct Production Line

The maintenance of the duct production line is what customers should pay attention to and value. Only by strengthening the maintenance and maintenance of the duct production line, the duct production machine can operate and run normally, and can ensure that there are no failures and shutdowns in daily work. High daily work efficiency and quality. Below, BLKMA will introduce the maintenance secrets of several duct production lines.

1. The cleaning of the duct production line

In the long-term work process of the duct production line, a lot of stains and debris will be accumulated. Therefore, the duct production line needs to be cleaned and maintained in time to avoid problems. Here are three ways to clean up the duct production line:

(1) Gas flushing

The hose equipped with nozzles connected to the air duct can transport compressed air, transport the compressed air in, and drive dust and dirt from the air duct to the vacuum collection container, so as to achieve the purpose of removing dust and debris.

(2) Vacuum suction

This method requires a cleaning tool called a vacuum suction pipe. The vacuum suction pipe adopts a hand-held type, and the brush can directly touch the inner wall of the pipe to achieve the purpose of cleaning the dirt in the pipe. However, there is a requirement for this method, that is, the overhaul hole of the duct fabrication equipment must be large enough. In addition, because the air duct cannot form a sufficient negative pressure condition, it is very likely that some stains will be missed using this cleaning method.

(3) Power scrubbing

The power of this method comes from pneumatic or electric. The brush brushes the dirt in the air duct under the action of the power, and then transports the dirt to the vacuum collector by gas flushing. This method requires attention. Be careful not to damage the surface of the insulation material during the cleaning process.

2. Routine maintenance of the duct production line

The duct production line should also pay attention to the maintenance of the machine in the daily use work:

(1) Check the working conditions of the duct production line frequently, and correct the problems in time if any problems are found. It is strictly forbidden to operate the duct production machine with malfunctions to prevent safety accidents.

(2) Keep the exterior of the duct production line clean and clean at all times, and apply anti-rust grease to the exterior when it is not used for a long time.

(3) The operator should operate correctly in accordance with the specifications, and understand and master the machine performance and operating methods. Operation by non-professionals is strictly prohibited.

3. Regular maintenance of the duct production line

(1) Add appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the transmission teeth of the duct production line regularly, which can greatly reduce the wear and tear of the machine during operation.

(2) Under normal circumstances, the maintenance cycle of the duct production line is half a year, and the machinery and equipment are regularly disassembled for inspection and maintenance.

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