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What Are the Requirements for the Operator of CNC Angle Steel Flange Production Line

What are the requirements for the operator of CNC angle steel flange production line? The operator of the flange production line need professional training, it is necessary to master the operation keys of punching machine so as to be able to process the required perforated plates. According to the different punching die, the plate can be processed with different shaped holes, automatic operation, no manual intervention, high production efficiency and high speed.

The mechanical structure and pneumatic structure of CNC angle
steel flange production line are combined, therefore, the equipment has strong adaptability and stable performance. To ensure the clarity of the image, when choosing a light source is also more flexible, and the species are more abundant. Angle steel flange production line from the shape can be judged, its structure is very reasonable, the apparent effect is outstanding, which is also affirmed by the consumer.

How to judge the failure of CNC angle steel flange production line in the running process?

You can observe oil spills in sealed areas and in pipe joints, and the change of indicating the value of pressure gauge and oil temperature meter in work; whether there is any damage to the fault site, the connection is gradually falling off and the fastening part is loosened. We can hear whether there is any abnormal sound in the hydraulic system, a normal machine will have a certain rhythm and tonality, and which will be very stable. At the same time, according to the change between rhythm and tonality, and components that produce abnormal sound, you can determine which components are malfunctioning and the extent of damage to the failure.

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