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Analysis of the Most Complete Function Auto Duct Line

Auto duct line is already an indispensable industrial product both in industry and in daily life, at present, various types of auto air duct lines are flooded with the market so that many people don't know how to select, but only really fully understand its specific function, you can choose to really suit your own needs of the auto air duct line.

According to the processing technology of the air duct, auto duct lines can be defined that the whole process of air duct forming is completed by a machine alone. The common point is that the whole process from coiling material to air duct forming is done by machine-processing equipment uninterruptedly and independently. The intermediate process does not require anyone's reference and operation.

A complete auto dust line shall implement the following functions.

1, Coiling material selection, filling function; you can choose from 2 to 6 different thickness or material types of coils.

2, Pressing, flat function; the function is to adjust the process before the coiling material is processed to prevent the production of waste.

3, Punching, chamfering, slot cutting function; this function can complete the production of air duct installation hole to avoid the inconvenience of later drilling.

4, Cutting off function; this function separates the sheet from the coiled material and processes it in the next step.

5, Transmission function; facilitate the automatic processing of
the next process.

6, Seam; this function realizes the blank-holding operation of sheet metal, making a joint angle.

7, Common plate flange forming; this function is the key step of making double-sided common plate flange.

8, Bending forming; the last process is complete, and the rectangular air duct with the common plate flange has been formed.

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