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Stainless Steel Duct And Pipe Making Machine

Stainless steel pipes can be roughly divided into stainless steel round pipes, rectangular pipes, square pipes, elliptical pipes, flat-headed pipes, plum-blossom pipes and so on, according to their different shapes. But the common ones are round pipes and square pipes, which widely used in our daily life.

Such as common anti-theft doors and windows with stainless steel pipe, staircase handrail pipe, indoor and outdoor pipe, bus handrail, etc. Stainless steel pipes are used in various decorations of life and play an indispensable role in life.

It has been asked whether the equipment for producing stainless steel round and square tubes is the same. Is there a special round duct machine? In fact, stainless steel pipe and square pipe are produced by the same pipe making machine, but how to change from round pipe to square pipe? The key is the welded pipe die.

Stainless steel pipe die plays an important role in the production process of the pipe. More than 60% of the quality of the pipe is determined by the welded pipe die. Therefore, before the production of stainless steel pipe, it is necessary to select high-quality welded pipe die. Anhui Blackma Heavy Industrial Machinery Co.,LTD specializes in the production and manufacture of welded pipe die. The die is processed by numerical control, which makes the die have high precision, high hardness and long service life.

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