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Harm of High Temperature of Hydraulic Riveting Machine

Hydraulic riveting machine is a processing process that uses stamping machine equipment and special connecting to strengthen high pressure in an instant. According to the cold extrusion deformation of the sheet itself, a stress-free interior mosaic dot with a certain tensile and shear strength can be formed, which can connect two or more layers of sheets of different materials and different thicknesses. The hydraulic riveting machine has no requirement for the surface of the sheet metal, and the original coating and paint layer on the surface of the sheet metal at the connecting point are not damaged. The connection process is highly automated and can be connected at one or more points at the same time. It can detect the strength of non-destructive connection and monitor the whole process automatically. The production efficiency is high.

Hydraulic riveting machine is suitable for the connection of steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and non-metallic interlayer. Typical parts connected by hydraulic riveting machine are: roof window, bumper, exhaust pipe, fuel tank, brake cover, door, instrument frame and so on. However, in the use of hydraulic riveting machine, if the temperature is too high, there will be the following hazards.

1.Thermal deformation occurs in hydraulic riveting machine. The moving parts with different thermal expansion coefficients in hydraulic components are jammed because of their smaller matching clearance, resulting in movement failure, affecting the transmission accuracy of hydraulic system and worsening the working quality of components.

2.Reduce the oil viscosity and increase the leakage. The volume efficiency of the pump and the efficiency of the whole system will be significantly reduced. As the oil viscosity decreases, the oil film of moving parts such as sliding valves becomes thinner and cut. The increase of friction resistance leads to worsening of wear.

3.It deforms rubber seals, accelerates aging failure, reduces sealing performance and service life, and causes leakage.

4.Accelerate oil oxidation and deterioration, and precipitate asphalt, reduce the service life of hydraulic oil. Precipitates plug the damper orifices and slot-type orifices, which causes the pressure valve to jam, the metal pipeline elongate and bend and burst and so on.

5.The air separation pressure of oil is reduced, the dissolved air in oil escapes, resulting in cavitation, which reduces the working performance of hydraulic system.

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