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The Factors that Can't Work Properly on the Hand Folding Machine

There will be some abnormal situation when a lot of mechanical equipment in use, the hand folding machine cannot work properly, what factors are responsible for this?

Hand folding machine is prone to wear and tear, which is normal during operation, parts should be within the specified value if they cannot be repaired and maintained for a long time, wear and tear will easily occur. This will damage the service life of the hand folding machine and will cause hand folding machine cannot work properly.

It is also very common when the hand folding machine is corroded. Corrosion may not necessarily be caused by chemical composition, but also by some equipment in use in the workshop, corrosion can be divided into many kinds.

There are uniform corrosion, pinhole corrosion, crevice corrosion, wear corrosion, selective corrosion and so on, it's the most common corrosion phenomenon, and it's serious, if you don't pay attention to the related matters, it will have a great impact.

Check and maintain the hand folding machine regularly in use.
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