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Pneumatic TDF Folding Machine

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  • Pneumatic Lock Seam MachinePneumatic Lock Seam Machine2017/12/12Pneumatic Lock Seam Machine Performance Feature:Pneumatic lock seaming machine is used to lock rectangular air tube within 1250 mm length. The machine needs to connect with air pump. Its advantage are...
  • Hydraulic Folding MachineHydraulic Folding Machine2017/12/12Hydraulic Folding Machine Performance Feature:Hydraulic folding machine is a sheet metal folding machine that makes rectangular HVAC duct. The machine can be used to bend max thickness 2.5 mm TDF shee...
  • Leveling And Beading MachineLeveling And Beading Machine2017/12/12Leveling And Beading Machine Performance Feature:Leveling and beading machine is a upgraded machine of line 5 beading machine. The machine adds leveling function before grooving based on sheet metal b...
  • Electric Shearing MachineElectric Shearing Machine2017/12/12Performacne Features: The machine is overall steel-welded and gate-type with chain drive.The motor has its own brake, which means no power consuming when not shearing. It's suitable for processing she...
  • Hand Folding MachineHand Folding Machine2017/12/12Performance Features:This machine is able to bend the flange sheet metal to get three folds, and it's also considered as a general crimping machine. Main Technical Parameters:ModelFolding angleWeight(...
  • Reel Shear Beading MachineReel Shear Beading Machine2017/12/12Reel Shear Beading Machine Performance features:ModelSheet thickness(mm)ShapePower(kw)Weight(kg)Dimensions(mm)L*W*HLQ-150.5~1.2 1.52601600*630*1120Reel shear beading machine is a combination of sheari...
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