Three Common Air Ducts

The air duct is a piece of work that ensures smooth ventilation, it's usually made of air duct processing equipment. It can be installed in buildings, air conditioning, smoke vents and other places, there are three common air ducts as follows.

Galvanized thin steel sheet air duct

It is mainly made of galvanized thin steel plate, although solid
and reliable, it can last a long time, but it encounters water and air debris will rust, installation is also cumbersome and complex.

Inorganic FRP air duct

The raw material is inorganic glass, the biggest advantage is the strong fireproof ability, even when there is a fire, it is hard to burn down. And corrosion resistance is also first-class. The drawback is the weight. , and the glass is fragile which installs inconveniently.

Composite fiberboard air duct

This is a relatively new type of air duct, there are many kinds of composite materials, the most important raw material is the fiberglass board, moisture-proof fire strength durability is ideal, which is recommended by many people.

So these are the brief introduction of three common air ducts, each kind of air duct has its unique advantages and disadvantages,  we need to choose to use according to the characteristics.

 air duct

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