Auto Duct Production Line

Description of auto duct production line machine:

Cnc air duct production line is a duct making line with the highest automation and highest efficiency in rectangular air duct production line machines.

The air duct production line machine made by BLKMA company can help customers to finish all needed process from cutting sheet metal to forming the whole duct under the control of auto CNC system. Automatic CNC control system greatly improves the precision and the beauty. Auto duct production line includes auto duct line 2, auto duct line 3, auto duct line 4, linear auto duct line 5 and U shape auto duct line 5.
Our company will provide customers the most suitable machines according to customers needs. Besides, we can also customize machines on the basis of your special requirement.BLKMA company specializing in the production of CNC auto duct line machine, Specifically for HVAC pipeline processing practitioners to provide professional processing equipment and perfect after-sales service. For many years, the CNC auto duct line machine is the most efficient products in the duct/pipe processing industry, we provide high-quality products to clients around the world with strong technical strength and years of production experience.

Features of Auto Duct Production Line:

  • U shape auto duct production line 5: With fast processing speed, this machine needs smaller floor area than linear auto duct production line 5. Functions are same as linear auto duct line 5.
  • Linear auto duct production line 5: This linear machine can process sheet coil, including leveling, grooving/beading, angle shearing, cutting, Pittsburgh lock forming, TDF flange forming and folding.
  • Auto duct production line 4: This machine can complete all processing steps before duct folding, including leveling, grooving/beading, angle shearing, cutting, Pittsburgh lock forming and TDF flange forming.
  • Auto duct production line 3: The line 3 machine can finish sheet leveling, grooving/beading, angle shearing, cutting and folding with CNC automatic system. Faster and more convenient.
  • Auto duct production line 2: This line 2 machine has 4 functions, including leveling, grooving/beading, angle shearing, and cutting. It's more economical.