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Understand the Routine Operation Specification of the Lock Making Machine

When the lock making machine is used for making the auto duct line, the staff should pay more attention to safety.

(1) When using the lock making a machine, it is strictly forbidden to stretch into the gap between the mechanical press plates. It is not allowed to place tools and other articles on the tool rest. When adjusting the plate, feet should not be placed on the hoof board. Use fixed vibration shears to handle the steel plate. The distance between hand and knife edge should not be less than 5 cm. The strength should be equal and proper.

(2) When making the lock fingers should not be less than 5cm away from the rollers, and the handle should not be placed on the track of lock making a machine.

(3) When the lock making machine is processing, it should cooperate with each other and keep a distance from the lock making a machine, so as to avoid the overturned steel plate and the heavy blow injury.

(4) When the lock making machine is operated, the workpiece cannot be directly pushed into by the hand.

(5) The motor should be arranged and installed in the indoor or vulgar workshops to prevent being impregnated from the rain and snow. When the lock making machine is used, the machine parts should be checked to be flexible and reliable, and the blade and the bottom surface of the foot should be strictly prohibited. If two people cooperate with the material, they should be more coordinated. In the case of consistency, the switch can be pressed.

(6) When using profile cutting, check whether the protective leather is reliable and whether the silver piece is running normally. When cutting, the profile must be cut and fixed, then the blade will be pressed down, and the force should be uniform and moderate. No gloves are used when drilling machines are used.

(7) When using the toxic solvents such as carbon tetrachloride to oil the aluminum plate, the plug should be carried out in the ear. If indoors, doors and windows should be opened and mechanically should be ventilated.

(8) Fire extinguishers or other fire extinguishing equipment must be provided at the workplace.

(9) Strictly according to the construction of the project construction organization to design how to use water and electricity, and exempted from excess and waste of the occurrence. The site layout of the pipeline should be reasonable and have no random disorderly use. Set up special people to manage the water and electricity on the field.
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