Hydraulic Folding Machine

Hydraulic Folding Machine

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Hydraulic Folding Machine Performance Feature:

The hydraulic folding machine is a sheet metal folding machine that makes rectangular HVAC duct. Actually, the hydraulic sheet metal folding machine can be divided into two types, hydraulic TDF flange sheet folding machine and hydraulic flat sheet folding machine. The machine can be used to bend max thickness 2.5 mm TDF sheet plate. For stainless steel, the machine can make max thickness 2 mm. Its advantages include higher working speed than pneumatic folding machine and easy operation. As one part of rectangular HVAC duct making machines, the hydraulic TDF sheet metal folding machine can be used with other rectangular air duct forming machines together to complete a whole duct processing, for example, electric shearing machine, lock forming machine, TDF flange forming machine, grooving machine, lock seam closing machine, clips cutting machine, etc. Based on different customers requirements and practical operating environment, we can provide different cases of machines series. Located in the center of Chinese machine industry Dongcheng Industrial Park (Ma’anshan Bowang District), BLKMA company, a professional HVAC duct manufacturing machines supplier. Products mainly consist of auto duct production line, rectangular duct making machine and round/spiral duct forming machine. Besides, OEM service is available. The message media will help you to contact our company. For example, email, mob, WhatsApp, Skype, facebook, youtube, and WeChat. It will be perfect assistants between customers and our company when you have questions about the function of duct manufacturing machines, operation way, maintenance of machines. We will send you our answer and help you to solve all problems during whole processing of choosing machines as soon as possible. About after-sales service, we have skilled technicians who can teach you how to operate machines by video. Our technicians are the operators who use and explore HVAC duct machines about 10 years in our factory. We can also provide engineer overseas service or you can send your workers to our factory in China to learn operation method. Our company welcome customers all over the world to visit our factory and learn using way. We will pick you up from Nanjing Lukou International Airport.

Hydraulic Folding Machine Main Technical Parameters:


Max thickness


Max width


Min folding angle
























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