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Operation Steps of Automatic Cutting of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine China

CNC plasma cutting machine is a kind of machine which processes metal materials by means of plasma cutting technology. Plasma cutting is a kind of processing method that uses the heat of high-temperature plasma arc to melt or evaporate the metal part or part of the workpiece incision and eliminates the molten metal by the momentum of high-speed plasma to form the incision.

The concrete steps of how to operate the automatic cutting of CNC plasma cutting machine are as follows:

1. Automatic cutting is mainly suitable for cutting thicker workpieces. Select the switch position of "choosing thickness".

2. After removing the cutting blowpipe roller, the cutting blowpipe is firmly connected with the semi-automatic cutting machine, and the connecting parts are provided in the random accessories.

3. Connect the power supply of the semi-automatic cutting machine, install the guide rail or radius rod according to the shape of the workpiece (if the guide rail is used for straight cutting, if cutting the circle or arc, the radius rod should be selected).

4. If the cut blowpipe switch plug is removed, the remote control switch plug (available in random accessories) should be replaced.

5. Adjust the appropriate walking speed according to the thickness of the workpiece. The "inverted" and "shun" switches on the semi-automatic cutting machine are placed in the cutting direction.

6. Adjust the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece to 3-8 mm, and adjust the center position of the nozzle to the starting strip of the workpiece slit.

7. Open the remote control switch. After cutting the workpiece, turn on the power switch of the semi-automatic cutting machine, and the cutting can be carried out. In the initial stage of cutting, we should pay attention to the slit situation at any time and adjust the cutting speed to a suitable level. And always pay attention to the normal operation of the two machines.

8. After cutting, the remote control switch and the power switch of the semi-automatic cutting machine should be turned off. So far, this is the CNC plasma cutting machine to complete the whole process of cutting.

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