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What Are The Standards Of The Qualified Auto Duct Line II?

Auto duct line has become an indispensable product in many industries, even irreplaceable in some industrial process, so the qualified auto duct line II is also important. The following are the standards offered by a manufacturer.

1. Clean the joint of the auto duct of the system: clean all the joints of the auto duct, fittings, components and the static pressure box of the clean system which must be tightly sealed; clean the inner surface of the air duct of the clean system which must be smooth and smooth. It is strictly prohibited to use the method of horizontal joint and pipe inner installation reinforcement or the method of using convex edge reinforcement.

2. The auto duct shall be tightly closed, evenly spaced and free of holes, half-bite holes, expansion cracks or other defects. The vertical seam of the straight pipe is staggered; Make sure that the appearance of the auto duct, the bending angle is flat and straight, the arc is even, the two ends are parallel without obvious warping angle, and the surface is concave and convex no more than 10mm. The auto duct and flange are firmly connected, and the turnup is basically flat. The width is not less than 6mm, and the turnup is close to the flanges.

3. The space of the flange of the air duct, the hole spacing of bolts and rivets of the flange should not be more than 150mm with firm welding. There is no screw hole at the welding seam. As to the auto duct of stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and composite steel plate, the surface of the stainless steel plate and aluminum plate auto duct should not have an obvious mark, scratch, cavity and other defects; While composite steel plate, auto duct surface should not have any damage.

If the quality of the auto duct line II has been tested, the correct maintenance method of the later auto duct line needs to be understood so as to maintain its performance and prolong the use time.
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