What is the Duct Processing Machine?

The duct manufacturing machine mainly includes CNC plasma cutting machine, angle steel flange cutting and punching production line, TDF flange forming machine, mold locking machine, folding machine, slotting / blank holder machine, shearing machine, sewing machine, etc. This series of machines are the products with the greatest demand for the processing of ventilation ducts. All of these machines can complete the feeding, forming and installation parts manufacturing of air ducts.

The duct manufacturing machine is all the production equipment which can complete a series of processes from coil blanking to air duct forming. The main process of their work is as follows:

(1) Coil blanking

Cut the coil according to the inputing size.

(2) Flattening and beading.

Automatically flattening and beading after the coil material is cut.

(3) Punching, chamfering and grooving.

Complete the production of air duct installation hole to avoid the inconvenience of punching.

(4) Cutting off

Separate the processed sheet from the coil for further processing..

(5) Conveying

The separated coil material along with the conveyor belt enters the next process.

(6) Seam

Blanking the sheet and making the joint Angle

(7) The common plate flange forming

The common plate flanging machine and double machine linkage common plate flange machine are used to form the common plate flange of the coil.

(8) Bending and forming

Bending the coil formed by common plate flange to form rectangular air duct.

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