Advantages of Spiral Duct Forming Machine in Ventilation Industry

Since the spiral duct forming machine was put into the market, because of its performance and low operating cost, it has been widely used in the ventilation and air conditioning system. At present, most of the products are also widely used in shipbuilding, ventilation, purification, bridge dust removal, airport, tunnel, and other construction industries. The main uses of spiral duct forming machine are as follows:

1. Ventilation system: supply fresh air and exhaust gas, exhaust harmful gas out of the room and send outdoor fresh air to indoor. In general, a galvanized iron pipe is used, and the stainless steel pipe is used in corrosive and humid places.

2. Air conditioning system: spiral air duct can be pasted with thermal insulation material inside, with beautiful appearance.

3. Lampblack exhaust system: a large amount of lampblack is produced in the kitchens of restaurants, restaurants, and hotels, which need to be discharged. It is appropriate to use a spiral duct forming machine, which is of good strength, economical and practical.

4. Dust removal system: spiral duct can be used for the collection and transportation of dust removal devices.

5. Bulk material transportation: in the pneumatic conveying system, some fine and loose material particles can be transported by a spiral duct with low cost and good effect.

Characteristics of spiral duct forming machine

Economical Features:

A: According to the specification, the plate thickness is reduced by 10-15% for the same pipe diameter. (10-15% reduction in the cost of main materials)

B: Under the same conditions, the results of full auxiliary materials (hanging keys, etc.) are simple, the quantity is small, and the installation cost of auxiliary materials is reduced by 30%.

C: During construction, the hoisting efficiency is twice as high as that of the rectangular duct.

D: Under the same conditions, the low-speed air supply and exhaust of air duct can be changed into high-speed air supply and exhaust. The system design can reduce the total amount of air duct, which is not only economical but also space-saving.

Efficient Features:

A: It is used in large projects with a short construction period.

B: Mechanized production, fast.

C: The number of the connecting flanges is small, and the lifting connection workload is reduced by about 50%.

D: Small diameter spiral air duct single lifting point, hoisting fast.

E: Construction site processing process, reduce on-site operation personnel and management procedures.

F: Compared with the rectangular air duct, the matching special-shaped pipe fittings have a high standardization degree, simple hoisting, and greatly reduced error probability.

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