The Operation Keys of Angle Shearing Machine

With the development of industrial society, a large number of mechanical equipment have been widely used. Among these, the angle shearing machine is used in the fields of automobile manufacturing, ships, elevators, electrical equipment, pipes, cookers and stainless steel products. During the manufacturing process, the operational process also needs to be paid attention to.

1. Operators must understand the performance, correct operating procedures and the usage of the machine.

2. Adjust the position of the hand wheel and the angle of the hand wheel in line with the angle and dimension of the drawing. And adjusting the position of the horn through the positioning scale on the surface of workpieces.

3. In the production process, the operator must strictly operate according to the drawings and follow the requirements of the quality control process.

4. In production, operators should first check whether the dimensions of the material are accurate, confirm it correct, and then operate according to the requirements of the drawings.

5. The operator will introspect each first piece that cut from the blocks, and then notifies the inspector to verify the correctness. The operator is able to batch operate. In the process of operation, except the inspectors do sampling, operators should also test from time to time to prevent batch errors.

6. In the production process, the operator must carry out the plate finishing and place the whole plate according to the project. And make the light to prevent the surface scratches.

7. After the horn is completed, turn off the power switch, tidy up the table and the health condition of its own body, keep the equipment clean and clean the floor box.

8. Work equipment cannot clean up waste, lubricating machine and so on.

9. When many people operate a device at the same time, they must have a clear division of labor and work together.

10. It is strictly prohibited stamping thick plates, super hard or welding scar, welding, dispersion and other defects, so as not to damage the machine edge.

11. In the work, if the machine has abnormal sound, please stop immediately and check until detecting the cause. restart the work after the troubleshooting. If the operator cannot handle it, please notify the maintenance personnel to deal with it in time.

12. Maintain the shearing machine regularly according to the requirements of the equipment maintenance system.
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