How does the Auto Duct Line Work?

One tool that almost every factory uses now is the auto duct line, and all kinds of auto duct line work methodically. Are there any difficulties in the technology of auto duct line? Let's take a quick look at how the auto duct line works.

I hope this application of the TDF flanging machine can help you.

(1) Process characteristics: Adopts the blanking tooling, punching mold and assembly tooling. The whole flange production process is highly mechanized. The punching mold can punch side square and round angle steel flange. The flange of the same specification has strong interchangeability and is easy to be installed. It reduces labor intensity, improves production efficiency, saves energy, protects the environment and ensures the quality of finished products, which is suitable for industrialized production.

(2) Technical difficulties: the punching hole is a flat circular hole, and the spacing error of any two holes should be controlled within 0.20mm, the olive-direction error should be controlled within 0.20mm, and the longitudinal hole spacing error should be controlled within 1mm.
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