Production Process Standards of Duct Production Line

In order to ensure the quality of ventilation duct production, it is necessary to formulate duct production process standards to improve the quality and efficiency of the duct production line.

The duct production line manufacturers state that the main requirements for duct production are embodied in the three points of marking, cutting, and blanking recheck. The following is a detailed introduction to these three requirements.

1. Scribing requirements for duct production line

It is embodied in the two-point basic line and the scribe line expansion method. Basic lines include right-angled lines, parallel lines, vertical bisectors, and more complicated angle bisectors, straight line bisectors, and circle bisectors. There are three ways to expand: parallel line method, radial line method and triangle line method.

2. When the duct production line does the cutting

Hands are not allowed to be placed in the gap of the mechanical pressure plate, feet cannot be placed on the pedal when the sheet metal is adjusted, and no objects can be placed on the upper knife holder. The fixed vibrating shear should be used properly with even force.

3. Blanking recheck of the duct production line

The blanking recheck is a work that must be done when the board is cut. In order to avoid mistakes, it is necessary to use mechanical scissors and manual scissors to cut according to the shape of the scribing.

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