For The Corrosion Of Spiral Duct, We Understand Its Harm And The Cause?

If a spiral duct is corroded, then what is the reason? What's the harm? Faced with these questions, I will analyze and explain it hereinafter. Thus you can learn and firmly grasp the content, and then understand and use the duct.

If a duct is corroded, the following phenomenon may appear on its surface:
First, there may be some defects on the surface of the duct, such as snag and sundries.  Second, the surface of the weld may be black or presents yellow spots or piebaldness.  Third, part if the duct presents rust.
In these three cases, the degree of corrosion is increasingly serious. If the problem occurs, it will reduce its corrosion resistance and shorten its service life. For the ventilation system, it will reduce its severity, so its harm is not to be underestimated.

The main reasons for the corrosion of the duct are as follows:
the materials used by the duct are not properly prepared or processed.  in the process of manufacturing, the duct is corroded, but it is not processed in time.  the welding method of the duct is not selected correctly, that is, the welding method is improper.  After the duct is welded, it is not cleaned in time.
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