What Functions Should the Duct Production Line 5 Have?

Those who have knowledge of the duct production line should know that there are many production lines for duct production, including the first-line, the second-line, the third-line and even the fifth-line duct production line. Each production line has different functions. Today I will talk about what functions the fifth-line duct production line should have?

1. The duct production line 5 can automatically complete the processing of common-plate flange straight ducts and angle iron flanges or C-bone flanges with a daily processing capacity of 800-2500 square meters or more.

2. As long as the size is input in the duct production line 5, the duct production line automatically completes the uncoiling of the duct-leveling and beading-angle of attack-cutting-high-speed joint biting-common plate flange forming-angle steel flange forming or "C" "flange forming-folding forming. (divided into linear type and U type)

3. The coils of the duct production line 5 are all driven by independent motors.

4. The duct production line 5 has a processing material saving mode. Each roll of material has only one piece of waste less than 20mm, which is accurate in positioning, especially when processing "mouth"-shaped ducts, it has obvious advantages.

5. The input of the duct production line 5 adopts the dual mode of touch and keyboard to ensure the stability of operation.

6. The duct production line 5 has production management functions with daily counting and cumulative counting.

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