Safety Operation Rules Of Steel Sheet Cutting Machine

1. Wear labor protection articles before work and keep your coat closed.

2. The operator must be familiar with the structure, performance, and usage of the steel sheet cutting machine.

3. All electrical facilities and fuel tank potential must be checked before starting up, and the operation can only be carried out after it is determined to be in good condition.

4. After starting the motor, the emergency stop button of the machine must be in good condition, and the operation can be officially started after it is confirmed in good condition.

5. Confirm plate thickness before cutting, and then adjust blade clearance on the right side of the machine tool, and lock after adjustment.

6. Adjust the machining size as required, press the calculator button (long press is required and stop after reaching the value) for the machine tool's rear gear adjustment, and then use tape to check and adjust the size.

7. The machine shall make 1-3 idle runnings before the operation, and then carry out the cutting work after normal operation.

8. When cutting the plate, in order to ensure the right angle of the workpiece, the workpiece should be pressed close to the left side of the machine tool to block, and then the cutting board and processing button (foot pedal switch) shall be started.

9. During the operation and processing of the hydraulic steel sheet cutting machine, the hand shall support the workpiece. It is strictly prohibited to extend the hand into the guardrail (blade shearing bar).

10. During processing, one must concentrate on his work and refrain from playing and talking to each other.

11. When two or more operators operate, the main operator should check the situation of the cooperators before starting, and inform them to start the switch (foot pedal) after ensuring no danger.

12. In case of the abnormal situation of the machine during the process, the power supply shall be cut off immediately and the machine shall be stopped for inspection.

13. Power must be cut off when adjusting the machine tool, and hand safety should be ensured when moving the workpiece.

14. The power should be cut off after work, and the machine tool maintenance and environmental cleaning should be done well.
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