Safety Requirements for the Use and Operation of the Spiral Duct Machine

1. The scope of use of the spiral duct machine

Many people are not very familiar with spiral ducts. In fact, spiral duct machines are widely used. Purification system air supply and return air duct, air duct central air conditioning system, ventilation duct ventilation, environmental protection system, exhaust pipe, mine gas pipe, mine tape pipe, etc. Since the helical wind turbine was originally used for ventilation and cooling, it is classified as a duct.

The name is based on what it's used for, but it can be used elsewhere, even a drain, drain or container, so it can't be called an air pipe. According to the structure, it should be named a thin-walled tube with a spiral slit. Because it is mainly made of metal, it is called spiral bite metal pipe.

If the material is named, there may be several names: galvanized (iron) spiral air duct machine, stainless steel spiral air duct machine, aluminum spiral air duct machine, or in order to distinguish it from the existing stainless steel pipe, it can be called super thin The stainless steel tube because it can be made of 0.3mm or even thinner stainless steel.

Ⅱ. Analysis of safety requirements for mechanical operation of spiral air ducts

1. General requirements

(1) The specifications, strength and length of the spiral duct support and hanger must meet the design requirements.

(2) The support and hanger should be installed firmly and reliably, and should have good contact with the air duct, and the force should be uniform.

(3) The dimensions and installation positions of some components must meet the design requirements.

2. Safety requirements

(1) Before entering the construction site, construction personnel should wear labor protection equipment to ensure their own safety.

(2) Smoking is strictly prohibited at the construction site, and construction workers are not allowed to work after drinking to avoid danger or accidents.

(3) The leakage switch of the protection switch machine must be of qualified quality, and its sensitivity must meet the design requirements to ensure safe construction.

(4) When the spiral air duct machine performs the climbing operation, it is necessary to take safety precautions and not be careless.

(5) Before lifting, check whether there are heavy objects or sundries inside and outside the air duct to prevent objects from falling and hurting people.

(6) During the hoisting process of the air duct, it is strictly forbidden to stand below.

(7) It is strictly forbidden for operators to throw objects or tools in the air when working at heights.

(8) The material to be installed cannot be placed on the air duct.

(9) The tools used should not be placed indiscriminately, but should be put into the tool bag to prevent loss.

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