The Role of Spiral Duct Machine in Life

1. The spiral duct machine is widely used

Many people are not very familiar with the spiral duct machine. In fact, spiral duct machines are widely used. The purification system sends the return air duct, the central air-conditioning system of the air duct, the ventilation duct ventilation of the industrial discharge, the environmental protection system, the exhaust duct, the mine gas pipe, the mining rubber cloth air duct, etc. Because the spiral duct machine was originally used for ventilation cooling, it is classified as a duct category.

2. The different classification of spiral duct machine

Named according to the structure, the spiral air duct is also called a spiral seam thin-walled pipe. Because it is mainly made of metal, it is called a spiral seam metal pipe.

If it is named according to the material, there are probably several names: galvanized (iron) spiral air duct machine, stainless steel spiral air duct machine, aluminum spiral air duct machine, or in order to distinguish it from the existing stainless steel pipe, it can be called it ultra-thin stainless steel tube, because it can be rolled from 1.2mm or even thinner stainless steel strip.

Without adding any pressure drop, a circular pipe with a diameter of 200mm can replace a rectangular pipe of 250×150mm in the same installation space. Several parallel round pipes can replace flat rectangular pipes without adding additional installation space.

For the use and classification of the spiral duct machine in life, we will introduce it here today. If you have this need, please continue to pay attention to the dynamics of our site, hoping to find more answers to your questions.

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