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Hvac Duct Making & Working Machine

HVAC duct machines are a must for the duct forming in the production of HVAC ducts. There are various types and specifications of HAVC duct making machines, the finishing equipment mainly applied to the processing of coiled galvanized iron sheet from coiling to leveling, snipping, cutting, bite forming, board forming, duct folding, corner brace fixing, gap filling and finally a finished duct. According to the automation level, the duct working machinery can be divided into two major categories of the automatic duct production line and duct forming working machine.
hvac duct making machine
Automatic duct production line provides a complete solution for automated unmanned duct production in the processing of HVAC duct working machinery. It not only achieves the automatic processing and producing of HVAC duct machines according to customers' needs but also greatly improves the efficiency and precision of duct processing, significantly reducing the labor cost. The duct forming working machine is mainly composed of single machines of different functions and types and can also be utilized to complete the duct processing with different requirements. The difference between the two lies in the fact that the latter is artificial rather than automatic. The automation types of the HVAC duct making machines are mainly composed of the duct production line 5, line 4, line 3 and line 2. They can provide a relatively suitable solution according to the different needs of customers, and can be used together with duct forming working machinery to better complete the production and processing of the ducts. HVAC duct working machines, with high-cost performance and wide application, are mainly composed of the plasma cutting machine, board machine, bite machine, duct folding machine. Both automatic duct production line and duct forming working machine are inseparable from the duct processing.

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