Small Knowledge of Air Duct Production Line and Duct Seaming Machine

Construction method characteristics of air duct production line

The duct production line can be defined as the whole process of duct forming is completed by a single machine. To put it in a more popular way, the whole process from coil blanking to air duct forming is completed by machine processing equipment without interruption and independently.

1. The production line has a high degree of mechanization and automation, which greatly improves the production efficiency and the production accuracy of the air duct, and reduces the project cost.

2. The air pipe is self-made flange, which reduces the weight of the air pipe. Compared with the traditional angle iron flange, it saves flange steel and connecting bolts and reduces material loss.

3. The air duct has good airtightness, which significantly reduces air leakage, saves energy and reduces the operating cost of the main engine.

Maintenance of duct seaming machine

The air duct seaming machines are suitable for fast seaming of air ducts, with a flat appearance, strong versatility, improving the quality of air duct seaming, reducing labor intensity, and realizing the functions of saving labor, time, and expenditure.

1. After daily use, inject 5cc of special sewing machine oil from the air pipe joint, and operate for 1-2 seconds to discharge foreign objects, and then place the machine in a clean place to avoid damage to parts caused by inhalation or intrusion of foreign objects;

2. The maintenance and lubrication of the machine is necessary. Failure to maintain the lubrication on time will quickly reduce the service life of the machine. This situation is not included in the scope of maintenance.

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