Possible Problems of the Air Duct Produced by the Air Duct Production Line

Ventilation ducts are an important part of the ventilation and air conditioning system, and most of them are made of duct production lines. However, due to various reasons, problems may occur in the ducts processed by the duct production line.

1. The duct processing materials produced by the duct production line do not meet the standard

(1) Performance: The surface of the sheet is uneven, the thickness is uneven, and there are obvious indentations, cracks, blisters, scars and rust. The duct planes produced by the duct production line sink, and the sides are convex outwards with obvious deformation.

(2) Impact: The duct produced by the duct production line leaks during operation, and the air-conditioning load increases, while the life and performance are affected.

(3) Reason: The material is unqualified and cannot meet the demand for making ducts.

(4) Measures: Before using the duct production line to make ducts, check the material delivery certificate, material quality certificate, and appearance thickness to ensure that the material can be used.

2. The warped angle and elbow angle of the duct produced by the duct production line are not accurate

(1) Performance: Rectangular air ducts are opposite to the plane in pairs, and the two ends are not parallel; the corners are not straight; the diagonals are not equal; the bite is not tight.

(2) Impact: The duct connection produced by the duct production line will be unevenly stressed, the duct will not be straight after installation, the flange gasket is not tight, the system will leak, which will cause the air conditioning load loss and shorten the service life.

(3) Reason: The setting out of the board blanking is not accurate; the ducts are parallel in pairs, and the length and width of the board on the opposite side are not equal.

(4) Measures: When unfolding the blanking, the blanks should be squared strictly, and the length, width and diagonal of each blank should be inspected to control their deviation within the allowable range; the blanks after blanking should be checked. Superimpose the two blanks on the opposite side of the duct to check the dimensional accuracy.

Therefore, if the ducts produced by the duct production line are practical, durable and high-quality, sufficient operation preparations must be made before the duct production line is operated for the purpose to ensure that it is foolproof.

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