Characteristics, Installation and Application of Spiral Air Duct and Analysis of Technical Status Ch

Ⅰ. The installation and application of spiral duct machine

Spiral duct machine is a thin wall pipe with spiral bite made of metal tape coil. It is round, no welding, no air leakage, no water leakage, mostly used for air supply and bulk material transportation, instead of the traditional white iron pipe (i.e. manual stitching iron pipe). It is a kind of air duct, full mechanism straight pipe, without manual beating.

There are a lot of preparatory work to be done before the construction and installation of spiral air duct machines. Take a look at the specific installation methods based on the actual site.

If we can understand clearly in detail, we can know some basic information about ventilation pipes (galvanized spiral duct, stainless steel spiral duct, thin iron spiral duct). It is true that the ventilation pipes can be used to constructed normally. We can also look at some common construction methods now. After understanding clearly, we can also know the material and use of the pipeline.

Ⅱ. Changes in the technical status of spiral duct machine

1. The role of the energy of the surrounding medium, including the operators, repairmen and environmental conditions;

2. Internal factors related to the operation of spiral pipe bending machine and the work of each mechanism, such as load, vibration, temperature, etc;

3. Latent energy accumulated in components of spiral duct machine during manufacturing and assembly. These energy mainly exist in the form of mechanical energy, heat energy and chemical energy. When the energy reaches a certain value, the energy will first damage the parts, specifically manifested as wear, deformation, crack, fatigue, corrosion, etc. The appearance of damage will also change the structural parameters of spiral duct machine parts.

Ⅲ.  Characteristics contrast of spiral duct and traditional rectangular duct

1. Under the same environment and conditions, the exhaust can be adjusted from low speed to high speed. The system design can reduce the total amount of air ducts, which is not only economical, but also saves space

2. Under the same conditions, the installation of auxiliary materials (hanging keys, etc.) is simple in structure and small in quantity, and the cost of installation of auxiliary materials is reduced by 20% to 35%

3. Lifting efficiency is doubles as high as that of rectangular duct during construction.

4. Compared with the traditional rectangular duct, the main material cost of the spiral duct machine is reduced by about 15%, and with the same pipe diameter, the plate thickness is reduced by 13-17% . The cost of main material is reduced.

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