Various Forms of Spiral Duct Machinery Can Meet the Needs of Different Customers

1. The advantages of the spiral duct machine

As a very common non-operational equipment in production and life, the spiral duct machine is mainly used to ventilate a relatively closed space, and can also be used to drain liquid or transport light items with low density.

The spiral duct machine has different names in different occasions, such as when the factory needs to discharge dirty waste gas and replace it with fresh air, and when the central air conditioner transports cold and warm air, the spiral duct machine is a kind of air duct; when it is used in the kitchen range hood of restaurants and hotels to discharge oil fume, the spiral duct machine is called oil fume pipe; when some light materials such as plastic foam in the factory need to be transported, they can also use the spiral duct machine, which is the function of the conveying pipe.

Because the spiral duct machine is often exposed to the external environment and is easily eroded by wind, frost, rain and snow, the spiral duct machine is mostly made of corrosion-resistant materials.

2. There are three main materials of spiral duct machinery on the market

Galvanized spiral duct machine, stainless steel spiral duct machine, composite duct beader machine, among which stainless steel spiral duct machine has good material quality and strong applicability, but due to the high price, it is not widely used.

The galvanized air duct also has good corrosion resistance, but the price is much lower than the stainless steel spiral duct machine, so it is the most widely circulated spiral elbow machine on the market.

Compared with stainless steel spiral duct machine and galvanized spiral duct machine, composite spiral duct machine is slightly inferior in corrosion resistance, but it is also competent in general external environments.

In large buildings, in order to achieve a good ventilation effect, some ventilation measures are usually taken, and some ventilation ducts are usually added to achieve the function of ventilation. To achieve this purpose, we use spiral ducts. Therefore, the spiral duct has been widely used.

Although the spiral air duct has many advantages, it is mostly exposed to the outdoors, so it will be exposed to wind, rain, and sunlight. These factors will erode or corrode the spiral air duct, so it is required to have anti-corrosion properties. The resulting products are galvanized spiral air ducts, stainless steel spiral air ducts and composite spiral air ducts, all of which are corrosion-resistant.

The role of the spiral duct, in addition to the ventilation mentioned above, can also be used to exhaust, or to transport some lightweight materials such as foam.

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