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Common Faults And Solutions of Duct CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

1. When the machine stops working, the system works, the cutting gun moves in one direction or not, and pressing any key (especially the pause button) doesn't work, it maybe the machine is jammed.
  • Remove interference, especially notices that the plasma power is grounded with the machine tool.
  • Add spacer to the motor(old system)
  • When the flame is fired, notice if the cutting oxygen switch is in an arc.

2. When the machine stops working, the system runs normally, and the cutter stops or is just an axis:

  • The walking motor is blocked.
  • Motor failure (check whether the machine tool is stuck and keep the machine stable)

Motor is abnormally working.
  • Drive alarm, broken/ plasma machine with high-frequency interference grounding.
  • Bearing is broken.
  • The motor is broken.
  • Whether the drive code is correct. Whether the driver's green light is bright, the AC wiring of the drive is strong, or whether there is 380V output.
  • 220V missing items

4. CNC plasma cutting machine is not working.

  • The system soft limit is in place.
  • Cutting machine bump limit (it is possible to hit 2 limit switches)
  • A motor line is lost
  • Drive alarm (plasma power interference, need grounding)
  • Urgent stop shuts down (need to open before starting up)

5. Drive alarm

  • Whether the polarity of dc power supply is wrong.
  • Whether the supply voltage is too high.
  • Whether there is a short circuit between the winding wires of the motor or whether the power supply and winding are short-circuited.
  • Whether the current value, subdivision and half - flow function of the drive are reasonable.
  • Whether the plug is charged.
  • The use environment of the drive.
  • Whether the control signal level is high.
  • Machine interference

6. The size of the CNC plasma cutting machine is not accurate.

  • Whether the drive alarm/dial code is wrong.
  • Plugging (interference)
  • Whether the bearing is damaged
  • System gear numerator/denominator.

7. Programs cannot be stored or scrambled.

  • Under the main menu, press G G 3 key, select file format, shut down after operation, then reboot.

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