How to Clean the Duct Production Line

1. The significance of the inspection of the duct production line

The automatic duct production line is composed of a feeding rack, a leveling and bead press, an electric or hydraulic shearing machine, and a CNC system for the automatic duct production line. The control part adopts full computer control, and there is a set of control system on the computer called the CNC system of automatic duct production line.

The quality of the duct production line will have a great influence on the overall work effect and efficiency of the air duct. The inspection of the duct production line is of great significance because it can improve the production quality of the air duct. And the duct production line must be strictly inspected so that problems can be found early.

2. How to clean the duct production line

There are many ways to clean the duct production line, for example, the power cleaning method: the use of pneumatic or electric brushes to remove debris and dust on the production line.

And gas cleaning method: use a vacuum container to clean up the debris on the production line, and for some equipment that is used for a long time, there must be a lot of iron filings and other impurities on it. At this time, we can use this method to clean it for it is more convenient and faster, and is an ideal method.

Direct cleaning: there is no doubt that it can also be cleaned manually because it is more comprehensive. It can also do a good job of cleaning the places that the machine can't clean. This is a relatively simple and effective method. And the parts above will not be damaged.

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