Low Temperature Environment Response and Working Environment Requirements of Spiral Duct Machine

1. How does the spiral duct produced by the spiral duct machine deal with the low-temperature environment?

The spiral duct produced by the spiral duct machine must be affected in a low-temperature environment. Therefore, how should manufacturers deal with this problem?

The first is to keep a warm environment and use thermal insulation materials. However, the choice of thermal insulation materials also has requirements. Let's talk about it in the following part.

It should have a good thermal insulation performance. Also, the specifications of the thermal insulation material should meet the requirements of the duct system and design requirements of the duct. Moreover, the thermal insulation material must have a product quality certificate and other qualified certificates.

The duct can be effectively protected by the thermal insulation material, so that it will not be damaged in winter. For cleaning the duct, the rubber-plastic sponge insulation material with non-combustible closed-cell is used in most cases while the non-combustible aluminum foil glass wool board is used for the exhaust duct. These two materials are more commonly used and have better thermal insulation performance.

The glue should be coated before wrapping the spiral duct with thermal insulation material. The thickness of the glue should be uniform, and there should be no glue flowing. In this way, it can effectively ensure the bonding place is tight when using the thermal insulation material, and there is no hollowing or duct exposed outside.

2. Working environment requirements for spiral duct machine

The use of spiral duct machine in daily industrial operation is increasingly popular, which greatly improve industrial production efficiency. However, there are requirements for the working environment of the spiral duct machine. It is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the spiral duct machine by providing a good production environment if you want to get benefits from it. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. It is necessary to ensure a clean and hygienic working environment for the spiral duct machine. Please do not crowd with garbage, and do not place inflammable and explosive materials.

2. It is necessary to ensure a dry environment to prevent moisture that causes moldy materials, and affects the internal parts of the cold bending machine.

3. You should try to make the workshop of the spiral elbow machine as spacious as possible. The cold bending machine is large-scale equipment that is inevitable to make noise. A spacious environment helps the noise output.

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