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The Principle of the Riveting Machine

The riveting machine is easy to use, efficient and easy to operate. It is widely accepted by manufacturers and customers.

According to the structure type, the riveting machine can be divided into many kinds, there are types like slippery rail type and turntable type. But the principle of the riveting machine is different from the same. All of the riveting machines can be set by setting the workpiece to the riveting area, and then the riveting process is completed by the riveting machine.

The working principle of the riveting machine can be regarded as the result of the displacement of any workpiece in three directions. The X and Y axis controls left and right, and the Z-axis is controlled up and down. Thus, a basic numerical control structure is determined. The numerical control riveting machine usually has a zero point, also known as the base point, based on the point. We need to number and coordinate all the points that need riveting. This process is necessary, and the coordinate and height need to be input to the data entry page of the equipment, thus let the machine know how to riveting those Points, where and where these points are. After the input of these coordinates, the program of the CNC riveting machine can be operated. The servo mechanism of the machine will drive the workpiece to the first point of our input under the control of the program. In this position, the riveting work should be just under the axis of the rivet head, and the Z value of the coordinate is also the height value. Calculate and determine the feed amount of riveting. After all, preparations are ready, the equipment can start riveting.
  Riveting Machine
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