Requirements for the Working Environment and Manufacturing Operation Conditions of Spiral Duct Machi

Spiral duct machine ensures a dry environment

With the development of industry, the role of spiral duct machines in daily production has become increasingly prominent. They not only improve work efficiency but also save a lot of manpower. However, spiral duct machines have certain requirements for the working environment. Only by providing a good production environment for the spiral duct machine can its normal operation be guaranteed. There are three points to note:

  • Ensure that the working environment of the spiral duct machine is clean and hygienic, do not let garbage pile up, and do not place flammable and explosive materials.

  • Ensure a dry environment to prevent humidity, which can cause materials to mold and affect the internal parts of the cold bending and folding machine.

  • Try to make the factory building spacious because the cold bending machine is a large piece of equipment and inevitably emits noise. A spacious environment helps with noise output, and avoids being too noisy when using ductwork machinery.

Spiral duct, also known as spiral seam thin-walled tube, was first applied in western military industries, such as the ventilation systems of warships and ships, and later used in civil facilities such as trains, subways, and mines. The system can process stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum plate, and copper plate. An automatic winding equipment, automatic installation measurement equipment, and automatic digital system can produce various types of pipes.

Many people are not familiar with spiral duct machines. In the spiral duct market, materials are generally divided into three categories: galvanized spiral ducts, stainless steel spiral ducts, and composite spiral ducts. Among them, stainless steel ducts have good quality and versatility but are expensive.

Currently, the most common spiral duct on the market is made of galvanized steel sheets. Galvanized steel sheet spiral ducts have essentially the same characteristics as stainless steel spiral ducts.

What are the requirements for the manufacturing and operation of spiral duct machines?

  • Inspection and approval of large-scale drawings and diagrams, and technical and safety instructions to meet the requirements.

  • A clean and sealed warehouse should be available for storing finished or semi-finished products to be used in the clean system of the duct manufacturing process.

  • The spiral duct machine processing site should reserve transportation channels for materials, finished products, and semi-finished products. The selected site for processing should not impede fire escape.

  • There should be a dedicated work site for duct prefabrication with a flat and clean surface. The processing platform should be level. The areas of double-sided aluminum foil insulation board ducts and other composite material ducts should be dry, and there should be sufficient space for finished products in the storage area.

  • The work site should have construction machinery and material storage areas, and facilities and power sources should have reliable safety protection devices. The access road to the work site should be unobstructed, and there must be various instruments and facilities that meet fire protection requirements.

  • When setting up spiral duct manufacturing equipment in a building, the load-bearing capacity of the building floor and beams should be considered, and corresponding measures should be taken if necessary.

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