Product Features and Maintenance Device of Spiral Duct Machine

Ⅰ. Product features of the spiral duct produced by the spiral duct machine

1. It has good sealing performance.

2. It has good strength and rigidity.

3. It has small ventilation resistance, small ventilation noise, and a better round pipe than the square pipe.

4. It has easy installation with few connection points.

5. It has a high grade and beautiful appearance.

6. Materials used: The commonly used materials are galvanized, stainless steel, and soft aluminum strips. The material thickness is 0.4 to 2.0mm, and the material width is 137mm.

7. Pipe diameter: φ80 to φ1500 mm (different models have different ranges).

8. The method of reducing the cost of ventilation projects: Since the bone(spiral seam) of the spiral duct can increase the strength by 30%, thinner materials can be selected. For example, the thickness of 0.8 mm can be changed to 0.6 mm.

9. Thermal insulation method: It is recommended to stick thermal insulation materials inside. In this way, the cooling pipe has its own appearance, which may remove the blocking ceiling and greatly reduce the project cost.

Ⅱ. Maintenance device of the spiral duct machine

From the working principle of the spiral duct machine, we can know that the spiral duct machine inevitably shows the appearance of excessive pressure during the operation. A series of conditions caused by excessive pressure is called the pressure overload of the spiral duct machine.

This can happen unconsciously. Therefore, an overload maintenance system will be set up at the beginning of planning the spiral duct machine to minimize damages. The overload maintenance system has been replaced by many generations. Since old overload maintenance devices such as the collapse block are unable accurately send signals and effectively maintain the machine, they are gradually replaced by an overload maintainable system with fast unloading and quick recovery.

Although there is a maintenance system for the pressure overload of the spiral rolling machine, exceeded maintenance scope will cause great damage to the spiral duct machine. Therefore, we must follow the standard operation to ensure the normal work of the spiral duct machine.

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