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Introduction of Corner Code Assembly Machine

Corner code assembly machine is mainly used for flange corner code assembly at both ends of rectangular common plate square pipe. It is the supporting equipment of rectangular square pipe production line. The machine has the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency, and greatly reduces the labor intensity of manual operation. Corner code and air duct flange are firmly combined, and the quality is stable. The machine is equipped with universal angle wheel, which is flexible in movement and more suitable for site construction.

Corner code assembly machine is the installation equipment of automatic binding of flange angle code of air duct. It has the advantages of simple operation, fast speed and high efficiency. The installation process of corner codes is sophisticated, completely replacing manual way of corner codes smashing, so that the installation of corner codes is beautiful without scratches. It improves the quality of assembly, thus achieving the effect of saving labor, time and expenditure. The machine adopts heavy chassis, arc welding steel frame, high-quality cylinder, assembly die after special quenching treatment, to ensure that the structure is strong and durable, with long service life. The most outstanding advantage of corner code assembly machine is its versatility, many kinds of corner codes of different structural forms, various specifications and sizes, which can be successfully assembled by using this machine.

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