Faults and Cause Analysis of Duct Seaming Machines

Duct seaming machine is used to sew various round pipes, and it is widely used in our lives. However, some customers are not clear about the correct operation of the duct stitching machine. Here are some relevant knowledge we provide.

Ⅰ. The reason why the hand can't stay away from the switch when the duct seaming machine is turned on

1. Before installing the air duct seaming machine, pay attention to check the grounding protection, and there must be leakage protection (special box).

2. Read the manual and equipment instructions before operating the air duct stitching machine, and it is strictly forbidden to wear fiber fabric gloves to operate.

3. The chain cannot be adjusted too tightly, and the chain is allowed to be wound down by 30-25mm.

4. The knurled screw can be adjusted for the depth of the bead and the seam pressure.

5. When beading, the grooved side of the abrasive tool should be up, adjust the groove in a straight line, and use the beading wheel. Straighten the abrasive tool by 180 degrees when closing the seam, and use the seaming flat wheel.

6. Keep your hands away from the switch when the duct stitching machine is turned on. When the beading wheel moves forward, it will stop immediately every time the beading is completed. The two ends of the machine are equipped with safety protection travel switches, and the protection travel switches cannot be touched during operation.

7. One machine, one box, one gate and one leak.

The air pipe seaming machine is mainly used to press and seam rolled or bent steel pipes, which is convenient for steel pipe welding. It has a wide range of applications in petroleum, electric power, shipbuilding and chemical industries. To produce better products, the key is to choose reliable and professional duct machines manufacturers.

Ⅱ. Common failures and analysis of duct seaming machine

The air pipe seaming machine is a mechanical equipment used for air pipe seaming. Its structure is simple and easy to operate. In normal use, it can also be used in conjunction with other air duct equipment, which greatly improves work efficiency. When you use the air duct stitching machine, have you encountered any problems? Here are some common problems and resolutions provided by BLKMA.

Problem 1: The air pipe stitching machine does not stop rotating

The main reasons: the lack of butter, need to replace the new butter; the front cover is worn, need to replace the new on-off valve; the blow part is damaged, and the debris needs to be removed.

Problem 2: The spindle speed of the air duct stitching machine is slow

The main reason: the position of the forward and reverse lever or the speed lever is wrong, the position needs to be confirmed; the oil is not enough, and the oil needs to be added; the air pressure is too low, and the air pressure needs to be adjusted.

Problem 3: The duct seaming machine only exhausts, but does not rotate or strike

The main reason: the parts of the striking part are damaged and the impact parts need to be replaced; the grease is lacking, and new grease needs to be replaced.

Problem 4: Insufficient strength of the blow part of the air duct stitching machine

The main reason: the on-off valve has debris, and the impact parts need to be replaced; the spring is broken, and a new spring needs to be replaced.

When the above-mentioned problems occur in the air duct seaming machine, do not ignore it, and deal with it in time, otherwise it will affect the normal use efficiency of the air duct seaming machine.

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