The Main Uses and Characteristics of the Spiral Air Duct Produced by the Spiral Duct Machine

At present, the spiral air duct produced by the spiral duct machine has been widely used in coal mines, shipbuilding, ventilation, purification, airports, tunnels, building decoration and other industries. After recent years of research and development, the fully automatic spiral duct machine has reached the domestic advanced level in China.

Ⅰ. The main purpose of the spiral air duct produced by the spiral duct machine

1. Ventilation system

Send fresh air and exhaust, discharge harmful gases outdoors, and send outdoor fresh air to indoors. The flow rate of the ventilation system is very large, so it is required to use air delivery pipes with less resistance to save construction costs and operating costs - spiral air duct The spiral duct produced by the spiral tube making machine is the most suitable. The raw material is galvanized strip steel, and stainless steel can also be used in corrosive and particularly humid places.

2. Air conditioning system

For central air-conditioning, cold storage, etc., the spiral air duct can be pasted with thermal insulation materials, and the appearance is beautiful.

3. Oil and soot discharge system

Canteens, restaurants, and hotel kitchens produce a lot of oil fumes, which need to be discharged. The use of spiral air ducts is the most suitable, instead of the traditional manual production. The spiral air duct has good strength and is economical and practical.

4. Dust removal bulk material conveying system

In flour mills, flower tie mills, feed mills, etc., the collection and conveyance of dust removal devices, and in the pneumatic conveying system, some loose material particles can be conveyed by spiral air ducts, with low cost and good effect.

Ⅱ. The spiral air duct produced by the spiral duct machine: economical

1. According to the national standard, the same pipe diameter, the main material cost is reduced by 15-20%, the same installation auxiliary materials (hanging keys, etc.) are easy to install, the number is small, the cost is reduced by 30%, and the hoisting efficiency during construction is twice as high as other air ducts .

2. Under the same conditions, change the low-speed air supply and exhaust of the air duct into high-speed air supply and exhaust, and the system design can reduce the total amount of air ducts, which is not only economical, but also saves space.

3. Under the same plate thickness and the same pipe diameter, the spiral air duct has high strength and beautiful appearance. Under the same cross-section, the spiral air duct has a more reasonable structure than other air ducts, which significantly reduces the chattering noise. Under the same length, the number of flange connections is less. The sealing performance is better than other air ducts, and the system ventilation quality is high.

Ⅲ. Spiral duct produced by spiral duct machine: fast

1. High-efficiency construction, such as short construction period, better urgent projects, mechanized production, fast and efficient.

2. The number of connecting flanges is small, the hoisting and connection workload is reduced by about 50%, and the small diameter spiral duct has a single hoisting point, which is fast and efficient for hoisting.

3. It does not require on-site processing procedures, reduces the number of on-site operators and management procedures, and can be assembled on-site when supporting special-shaped pipe fittings, and the hoisting is simple.

Now energy saving is vigorously advocated in all walks of life. This product is just in line with the trend of the times and fills the domestic gap. It is worth vigorously promoting and using.

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