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Precautions For Daily Maintenance Of Automatic Riveting Machine

Precautions for daily maintenance of automatic riveting machine:

1. Do not work beyond the nominal capacity.

2. Do not work under high pressure for a long time.

3. The length of the head should not exceed the rules.

4. Hydraulic oil should be replaced after one year of use.

5. The radial equipment should be lubricated regularly.

6. Stop and troubleshooting immediately when encountered abnormal.

7. The riveting head should be lightly loaded and disassembled, especially when dismantling riveting head, do not pull out with manic force. The riveting head should be rotated and pulled down slowly and vigorously.

8. If the rivet seat of the rivet is pulled out of the normal position, the rivet head position will appear obvious deviation after installing the rivet head, the red safety cover should be dismantled at this time, and the rivet seat can be used after the installation is in place, otherwise the machine can be easily damaged.

9. The guide rail of the equipment should be smeared with butter once a month to lubricate and prevent rust.

10. In the use of the rivet head, there will be slight adhesion when processing certain materials. In order to ensure the quality of the riveting, the rivet head should be cleaned regularly to prevent the metal bond from thickening. When cleaning, fix the rivet head to the chuck of the lathe and then polish it with sandpaper.

Solid rivets are suitable for solid rivet machines, also called rotary riveting machines. Commonly used products with solid rivets are mostly hardware products.

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